BDOTNETStudent UG Meet At Microsoft GTSC

(This post is deprecated)

Today was another UG meet of the BDOTNET community at Bangalore. Got to learn a lot of things, things about the group, about Microsoft Technologies.

Being my first ever visit to the Microsoft GTSC Office in Bangalore, i was completely unaware of the location (thanks to Krishna Bhardwaj, who guided me to the place). Me with my friends Aastik, Saket and Abhay, after finding the Golf Links Business Park Offices, searched the whole place and finally came up to the MS building-

Inside was a good atmosphere, and it was good to be between so many people who are excited about technology.

It started at around 10:30 a.m. with an introduction to Visual Studio 2008 by Anil B Pai (MSP, Dr.AIT) in which he showed how the VS IDE makes work simpler and more efficient by doing all the common design/code itself.

Then there was a break of 10 minutes,


After the break, Lakshman Srikanth demonstrated programming an iRobot through MS Visual Studio using C#. It was the part I enjoyed the most, because seeing hardware being controlled so easily through few lines of code looked superb. This was followed by a highly informative session by Aakash Bapna (MSP, PESSE) about an overview of Web Technologies like Server side scripting, client side scripting, css, etc. and another interesting session by Samartha (MSP, RVCE) about Architecture of a Search Engine like Google, Live Search, Yahoo! etc.

On a whole, it was an interactive event with everyone in the audience, the presenters were all involved in sharing knowledge, for what the Bangalore .NET Student group was created, and for what all of us assembled there.

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