FOSS Meet At NIT-Calicut 2009

It was very good and exciting to be a part of FOSS Meet at NITC this year. As I've already logged the first day, I am posting about the subsequent happenings. The next day was Python and Django workshop. It was really good, I was sitting with people, trying out what Santosh, Madhu and Krishna were instructing, and then set out to help people who couldn't. The Django session was interrupted a bit due to some time problem, but resumed and was really successful. I got to know how powerful Django was, saves a lot of work. Then, came the day of Qt/KDE Workshop, the one I was getting quite nervous, because few days back I was told that I had to speak !! I was both excited and nervous, because It was going to be my first. That was really really nervous… But all went well, Pradeepto is really good at explaining things, and the way he explained Qt concepts was excellent. After that, I demonstrated how easy was it by using Qt Designer to design interfaces and implement general signal-slots. To my horror, the app stopped responding when I executed it, I turned around, and had a sigh of relief because people got it up and running, phew 🙂 It was nice, and I got good feedback. Thanks to all of you who helped me to get to the FOSS world. Its beautiful.

You can see some photos here. (Thanks to Krishna, Santosh for some of them)

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