Talk on Qt Creator at Mukthi 9.05 at MSRIT

Again, a post after a long time, maybe was concentrating more on writing code 😉 So, Mukthi 9.05 (Dunno why they used ubuntu naming conventions :P) was held on 1st and 2nd of May, and it was really fun and rewarding. Well, mostly because I got a chance to give a talk session on Qt Designer (which I later changed to Qt Creator).

Initially I was really not sure because I had my exams till 30th April. But then I changed my mind (basically I was made to change my mind, which I now really thank) and prepared for the session. The talk was going to be about Qt Designer, a GUI designer for the Qt Application framework, and I had decided to demonstrate a simple text editor built using that, because it turned out to be a success at the FOSSMeet at NITC last month. I made two changes the last moment, I decided to demonstrate using the recently launched cross platform IDE from Qt Software – Qt Creator, which had an embedded Qt Designer. I hoped it'd be more interesting to beginners, which really turned out to be correct. Second, I added another demo application featuring a Web Browser using Webkit support available. This too was successful, because there was lots of applause when the browser displayed Google !! On a whole, the talk was good, the only problem being, again, my low voice which I'd try to remove from next sessions.

One thought on “Talk on Qt Creator at Mukthi 9.05 at MSRIT

  1. really you did so well in your first talk.i know, how difficult is to speak in front of so many pe ople if its the first
    time,but your perfomance was so good and i wish, you will give best in the future …..


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