Welcome to the BMSCE network

I've been thinking of starting this before, but now I'm really compelled to. As given in the details, I am currently doing my B.E. from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore which is supposedly one of the top 3 colleges in Bangalore.
I was happy the day I entered the college and the hostels (which is more like home, for one odd exception to be discussed), but soon realised that its going to be difficult.
It has been 2 years now after I had my first experience to the Internet provided in the college. Somehow the authorities (no, not the admins, they just follow orders) are too hypocritical as they always assert that they work for the development of students. But, the Internet connection tells a different story – its virtually impossible to access anything other that e-mail correctly.
Following are the notable points-

  1. There is a filtering service called Fortinet which (mis)categorises websites based on contents and I estimate college pays the money for this from our fees.
  2. The speed is pathetic, let alone downloads, its a pain visiting websites. Around ~10KBytes/s which gradually decreases and eventually the download stalls at 0KBytes/s.
  3. The most important part, there is absolute freedom on the authorities part to block anything (ANYTHING) they choose to without a discussion or meeting. You won't even get a reason other than “We don't provide Internet for this purpose (see 4)”.
  4. Example – Recently one of my friends who is interested in stocks and markets found that www.reliancemoney.com was blocked and when he approached the admins, they told him that the site eats up a lot of bandwidth Tongue out. When he went to the authority, he told that its the age to study (that is, to cram textbooks) not to invest. It was a lot of argument (My friend cited Warren Buffet who started investing at age of 13) that he said “I'll try whatever can be done”. If I was there, I'd ask why are sports and cultural activities promoted if the only thing is to study ?
  5. Example – Today I really got frustrated by what I saw when I tried to visit http://foss.in to check out if the registrations are open. It was the stupid and annoying “Web page blocked” notice. I was shocked, what the hell, how can they block foss.in ?
  6. Services like IRC, GIT, SVN don't work as the outgoing ports are blocked. Thank god there are workarounds.
  7. Social networking sites are blocked since a long time. Though even this is a stupidity as the freedom to socialize is taken away. But this is a problem that has plagued almost all institutions so almost nothing can be done about it.
  8. Reportedly each and every packet is scanned (I don't know what for), this is like checking everyone's bags while entering the college or hostels (update: even this is happening now :P)

Check out Fortinet category in Screenshots.
I'll keep posting more examples of blockages and irregularities (till my website doesn't get blocked Laughing )

One thought on “Welcome to the BMSCE network

  1. Really dude this college internet sucks!!! everywhere its the same story. The people who deal with all this don't have any idea how to resolve conflicts they just ban anything which they don't like wtf….
    I dont know why all colleges had banned SNS i mean any college student is above 18 they are mature we have the right to socialize lucky me i am not in hostel many times the wi fi will be down signal poor and there timing of net connection f rom 6p.m. to 7 in morning else people will bunk classes and waste time on net….
    When they will know the real power of internet god knows they will j ust write in the college prospectus “24hr high speed net connectivity.. i agree that there are many misuses also but this is not the solution.
    We can not ban electricity because many people die of electric shock.Supreme court must make some laws for college internet


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