After a long time of excitement and joy, atlast FOSS.IN 2009 started today. Reached the venue at 10:30 AM instead of the 10 AM I had targeted. At the venue, NIMHANS convention centre there was a long line for delegate registration (surprise, I'm a speaker this time, no queues Smile ) and the weather was really hot and uncomfortable.
When I got inside, greeted by the one and only – Pradeepto with my first meet with Kartik Mistry. Oh, and yes, the convention centre was cool inside – much needed in the scorching heat. The inaugration got delayed because the delegate registration took time, but it was fun with Atul Chitnis at the stage explaining people what FOSS.IN is all about, and the new change this year – now workouts can range not only for some hours, but can keep on running throughout the event. This is a nice change in my opinion as it helps to get time for people to complete their ideas.

After lunch, we started to rock the FOSS expo (KDE rocks it every year Laughing ), putting up posters, flyers, stickers and my laptop with demo. I was advised to show the stable version, but I was confident that even the trunk version will perform good. Actually, I wanted people to see the new cool features. It was just one of the guys who just researched a lot on the CPU and RAM usage who I had to tell that I'm running debug build. But, on the whole It was nice.
Oh and yes, met this guy Nikhil Marathe, studying right now in Gujarat and rocking KWin. Had fun with him, and yes with my friends Sudhendu and Sinny trying to start their way off with a KDE build.
We had fun at the KDE booth, which was the only full booth which rocked!! But, had a lab external exam so had to return early. Lets see what happens tomorrow

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