Akademy Day5, my Day4 – Devices, Specs and Pics

Today was a rather productive day as I sat with Leinir and Arjen, hacking on Gluon (while Sacha was trying to get his Qt Creator to work with his N900) and as a result, the comments model is now editable 🙂

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the Gluon Team has received a Nokia N97 mini for testing Gluon Player o S60 platform. Though we currently are focusing more on Maemo/MeeGo devices, we'll be very excited to bring the social gaming experience to Symbian.


We had a very exciting and comprehensive meeting on the Open Collaboration Services Specifications/API update. We added few new modules/properties to support the needs which are currently arising.

[flickr-photo:id=4772207310,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4771567203,size=m]

In the evening, had to skip dinner as everyone else went to had, and I couldn't locate them :-/ Did some photography outdoor and came back to do the laundry and hack some more on Gluon.


Oh, and Ryan, Chani and others had some Karaoke stuff too! 🙂

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