Activating Calligra, again :)

At Akademy, there were lots of suggestions on how we can improve Calligra Active so that its more usable on tablets. We finally found some success if fixing some parts of the view conversion parts that were broken, and implemented some nifty features-

Switch to page

You can instantly switch to any page in a text document using the page list at the left of the screen.

Text search for text documents

Use the little search bar at the bottom to search through your texts

Select and Copy

Just activate the selection mode using the button at the top and you can select text

Slide chooser

Simply put, go to any slide in a presentation

Flick to switch slides

Just flick sideways to goto the previous/next slides


Finally, lots of thanks to everyone that helped with suggestions and especially Sujith H for working on the page switching feature and spending hours on debugging and helping me find out what I screwed up in the view calculations laugh

Comments and suggestions are welcome smiley


3 thoughts on “Activating Calligra, again :)

  1. Kudos for the improvements, but the widgets could definitely use some polishing, the text widget has too little padding (the text flows off the widget) and the buttons too much (it's a big gray box with a little text in the middle), the button's background should also have a better texture (maybe the plasma transparent one?).

    Just my 2 cents.


  2. Thanks for the suggestions smiley Actually what you confused as text is text from the document, because of the text box being translucent, guess we should make it opaque. The buttons however, are standard Plasma buttons, and will look according to whatever the theme will dictate. I took these screenshots without Plasma Active running, so yea the theme isn't the right one. Trying to get a screencast on the actual tablet.


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