Less isn’t always more – yet again

If you have not seen the first article in this series, read it here

Its been a while since I have blogged about this topic as well. While I keep encountering annoyances in software every now and then, my laziness means I only blog about it when there is something really deserving of a double facepalm.

Today’s example: Google Photos

While I personally use a combination of Nextcloud and PhotoPrism to organize my photos, I wanted to test something with Google Photos and for that I uploaded a couple of thousand photos/videos to it. After my test was done, they served no purpose and had to be deleted.

If I knew how difficult this will be, I would probably have skipped the experiment entirely. Turns out there is no way to delete all photos in your Google Photos account! You’ll think that its because they think its too risky to allow you to accidentally delete all photos. Well, even if you do, they just end up in the Bin so you could just restore from there.

This is just plain ‘ol laziness to add useful options thinking that “less is more”. Meh, no it isn’t in this case.

/me goes and manually selects all photos+videos to delete them (fiddling with the API for something I never use is a waste of time anyway).

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