Internet…a dream for me…

If someday you think my blogging isn't regular, or new posts aren't there, don't worry, its usual. Technology is the thing, that i just love, its so exciting to learn new things, create new things, but hey, its not that easy for me, here at my hostel.. Why? Good question; Well, just because due to some mysterious reasons, administrators here sometimes do things which can become a horror. Take for example the following screenshot-

Somehow, they denied access to Gmail and Google India (orkut is already not allowed), I don't know what they're upto, but one thing is for sure, I just wish that I'd have a better connection, one that I had at home (though only for few months), I'd be able to discover more on the www, I'd be able to easier share my pictures through Picasa, I'd be able to play multi-player with my sister at home, etc etc But hey, challenges are a part of life, isn't it? Lets see if I can go on like this. And to the lucky guys sitting and reading this at home, enjoy !!

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