FOSS.IN 2008 Day 1

I waited to get my delegate card at the registration counter at FOSS.IN venue at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and went inside with the usual BMSCE gang – Krishna, Madhusudan and Santosh and . (Kavoor had come too, but in the other half of the day).


It was after we met a KDE guy, Adriaan de Groot who had come here to speak about KDE, I got to know how superb the KDE community. It was great. Then, we went to the hall for the inauguration ceremony which was quite fine, with a keynote from Harald Welte about

How to do embedded Linux right

(which seemed quite boring, because we had nothing to do with hardware).

As the rest of the day's schedule didn't seem interesting, I came back home after lunch.

And then, for the next day, I waited …

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