FOSS.IN 2008 Day 2

Now, today was the actual “Show me the code”. I was late by few minutes to reach the venue, but, thank god its not a classroom lecture, you can visit anytime, what we call “free”. Though I had initially planned to attend Talks today, but the unexpected always happens with me it seems.
Aanjhan had called us at a gnusim8085 hackathon at room CX at the venue to fix some bugs. Everyone picked up one bug to work upon. Krishna and I were trying on a feature request for gnusim8085 which required that the assembler be able to accept all of hexadecimal, octal, decimal, and binary values (it supported only hexadecimal and decimal) when assigning variable values.

Finally, we were successful in the attempt (Krishna did most of the work). Owing to some bandwidth problem at the Wireless internet at the venue, he decided to submit the patch after returning home.
Though the patch was the most exciting, there were other equally exciting things too, the kde community (I got a KDE Tshirt, yippee !!), the “One Laptop per Child” project, OpenMoko (open source mobile OS), and the “Caps Lock Catastrophe 😉 ” etc.
Its really nice to see so many people around you who share the same interests, who're so fun to talk with … it was an amazing experience. I'm very happy to attend FOSS.IN and I recommend people out there who love software, to attend FOSS.IN next year, if they haven't this year. More photos-

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