My KDE 4.2 Experience

Hi, Till now I had significant time with the new KDE 4.2. It has been a great experience, most of the things which I wanted to change in KDE 4.1, like reducing the system tray icon size, changing the taskbar look to a better outlined one, are there in KDE 4.2 As for performance, it has been better, KWin used to crash everytime I logged in, even after a clean reinstall.That doesn't happen now, and many rendering problems are less frequent. The new widgets are very handy, like the Network Monitor and Filesystem Monitor, I was thinking of having something which'd display current filesystem status, but as I'm still studying Qt, wasn't able to try.

The concept of desktop activities is also good, though it requires some rendering fixes; I liked the ones implemented for the Plasmoids to adjust themselves on the Plasma workspace, maintaining some distance from the screen edge. And, contrary to the popular demand for hiding the cashew, I LIKE IT. And there is the Desktop Cube for KDE, its nice, but it'd be better if there was some kind of “unification” of Compiz, so that GNOME and KDE shared the same Effects and Compiz control panel. Last but not the least, I found the Lancelot lanucher quite impressive because it visually shows all drives and details in the “Computer” section. On a whole, the overall performance increase in KWin's performance is a good news. Thanks to the KDE developers for these (and others, which I haven't noticed till now) nice improvements. Hope I'll join you too someday (trying). Regards, Shantanu Tushar

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