FOSS.IN 2008 Day3

Oh, again I was late. But this time its the traffic to blame. And by the way, it was Krishna's Birthday today. Happy birthday again, Krishna. So, here's the story – Today was entirely different from yesterday. Yesterday, we were coding and fixing bugs, today was the display of the vibrant K Desktop Environment and some of its pillars – Phonon, Solid to name a few. Learnt a lot about KDE and Makefiles today, especially cmake. And yes, got a KDE T-shirt during the sessions, yippee !!! In the end, we had a beautiful song by Adrian and others “We are KDE …”, and the best of all, we got a book on Qt development; I was wanting to learn either gtk or Qt since a long time, now its easy, provided exams don't become a barrier. Returning back seemed a pain again, due to heavy traffic, but I read the book on the way, so it was comfortable. Couldn't take any photos today.

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