Akademy Day2, my Day1

After finishing up my university exams, I somehow arrived at Tampere today evening. It was a tiring trip, special thanks to the back pain, but the real pain was missing all the stuff that happened in these two days, but it seems I had no choice whatsoever.

The good thing is, I met everyone in person, and frankly it was a dream come true and of course a refreshing experience.

Met with Leinir, Sacha and Arjen and I really got sad that they actually missed me during the Gluon presentation, which I couldn't make it in time.

Later, cooking food with Nikhil and Prakash experimenting with rice in “not_made_for_rice” containers, was quite fun. I enjoyed the food, followed by laundry equipment experiments with Nikhil's clothes.

It was nice meeing Martin Sandsmark, with whom I and Vishesh talked a lot about computer languages etc followed by an Invaders game 😉

Another good thing was that I came to meet Frederik Gladhorn, the guy who's been helping us a lot alongwith Frank for Open Collaboration Services integration with Gluon.

I hope that with tomorrow morning, I'll start doing stuff and talk to many more contributors, and hope the evening meeting with Frederik will be very constructive.

I'm at Akademy, yay! Love KDE, love the people !

(though I didn't make it to the group photo on time, can someone take Krita and put my photo there? 😉 )

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