Akademy Day3, my Day2 is Glued with Plasma !!

Had a wonderful sleep last night, despite the fact that it never gets “night” here as there's always some amount of light you see in the sky.

The fun started today, starting with the Nokia Mobility talk, where it was made obvious that Nokia still doesn't support developing apps for a Symbian device, using GNU/Linux, the SDK for Symbian *needs* a Windows environment, as they said. Though thats really not a good thing, but the free snacks was 😉

Done with that I find a room filled with the Plasma people, Artur, Marco, Aaron, Chani, Alessandro, David etc, who I really really wanted to meet off IRC, but was reluctant at first, thanks to the room being stuffed with people (yes, I'm fat 😉 ). Then I walk in, announce my name as if I'm the president of the country, and sit down (too bad people didn't realize I arrived just yesterday, and this is how I gotta go and introduce myself)

The important stuff is, that my doubts over activites were cleared, and actually there's only one statement that clears it out – “An activity is just as per the word means in the English language”, and thats it, the most proper, and concise definiton of activities. Chani showed us that we can actually attach windows to Activities using the Title bar context menu, which was rather cool 🙂

And one of the most productive thing today was DrIDK explaining about how we could possibly add network play support to Gluon, when we've got the engine working properly. The new thing to learn was delta compression, which is nothing but a fancy name for taking differences between two sets of data (comparable to the way MPEG encodes video). The discussion was fruitful, though we decided to first make Gluon usable for single play.


We also met Frederik Gladhorn for the Open Collaboration Services API we will be using in Gluon and we've decided to talk more on Wednesday at the OCS BoF, alongwith Frank. (And, I even told him how impatiently my sister is waiting for Fluffy!)

Rest of the day was designing how we could sync the game data between the OCS service and the Qt models we have, for which we needed a shared data location. But, as the Gluon Player is expected to be independent of KDE libraries, we have to still find a way to portably determine the proper data directory, apparently for which Qt doesn't have a easy solution (if it does, please do comment on this article and help us).

While looking for the code for KStandardDirs, It was so nice to come accross Sirtaj's name in the copyright header, its like he's one of the guys I could never meet, and someone whose work on KDE makes me respect him a lot.

Movin on, for the nom nom part, we had an amazing Pizza at a local restaurant. I think Pizza Hut and other stuff just don't compare to this one, considering the size, or the taste. It was just awesome, thanks Martin Sandsmark for the idea.

Last but not the least, we found pradeepto with a yellow shirt having some orange juice (somehow orange juice is yellow here, dunno why) just near the hostel. There I met this charming lady, Claudia Rauch who took so much pain to make sure everybody makes it to Akademy effortlessly; Thanks, thanks a lot 🙂

I still can't believe I actually met everyone! Its just been a dream for so long. I love KDE, we are KDE 🙂

Looking forward to another awesome day, Be Free!

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