Gluon GSoC update

(Quite some time since I last blogged, have been busy with life's “last exams” and a project work demonstration in which the examiner says I need to relax and enjoy more. Yeah, right cheeky)

I will be spending this summer working on Gluon as a part of Google Summer of Code 2011. The work will be mainly to add features that Gluon needs for the next release.

As the post title says, here is the stuff completed till now-

  • One problem with Gluon Player's library code was it didn't do the abstraction between Gluon Player's logic and Attica (KDE's OCS client library), thereby putting a lot of duplicate code at places. This has now been fixed by providing a proper abstraction layer between Gluon Player and Attica. This also gives the additional benefit of being able to use other protocols, if needed in the future.
  • Second, Gluon is now able to download and install games from the server. This is not implemented in GUI, so usual testers will have to wait for some more time, as we are still working on using a standard archive library for our work, and resolve some non-technical issues.
  • Finally, the library has support to rate games. Again, the GUI for this is not yet ready.

Because GUI for some functionality is missing, there are no screenshots sad. But no need to worry,  it is one of the tasks I will be taking up next. Thanks for reading smiley

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