Desktop Summit 2011 Day 1

Today was another exciting day in the Free Software Desktop – The Berlin Desktop Summit 2011 – The meetup of KDE and GNOME contributors (yes, where the gearheads meet smiley).

After the awesome pre registration event last evening at the C Base – Berlin's hackerspace, today was exciting with welcome talks from GNOME's Karen Sandler and KDE eV's President Cornelius Schumacher where he stressed on increasing coordination and understanding between the two projects.

Dirk Hohndef gave a very good talk about how Free software contributors should look at large companies, that the companies thinking about their profit first is something that shouldn't be surprising. For us, the most important suggestion was to listen to our users more and more, which we undoubtely welcome in KDE.

Another interesting talk was Martin's talk about KWin and its plans of supporting Wayland and how to make the “transition” from X to Wayland. This was followed by KDE and GNOME Google Summer of Code (and KDE's Season of KDE) students. The Copyright Assignment panel discussion was pretty interesting (and even funny wink ) with Open SUSE's Michael Meeks made some important points, while Mark Shuttleworth made some attempts to defend project Harmony, though in vain cheeky

And then the awesomest part – had very nice dinner with the Calligra team at a fine Indian Restaurant, thanks Boudewijn 🙂

6 thoughts on “Desktop Summit 2011 Day 1

  1. Nice blog post.

    Something I think is important to be clear about in these planet communications is that Cornelius is President of the KDE e.V (an organization supporting the community). He is not President of KDE in general.


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